The NestEggg Food Bank at The Center is a flagship initiative of The Center that provides nutritional assistance for those in need. Every Thursday evening all year long, we host a clean, safe and accessible Food Bank that provides FREE groceries for over 275 households each week. Since 2008, the Food Bank at the Center has been providing groceries, baked goods, meat, and fresh produce to low-income Riverside County residents 55 years of age or older, and individuals who receive disability benefits, regardless of their age. Proof of residency in Riverside County is required, and all are welcome if they meet these basic requirements. The Program is limited to serving only 14,300 households a year, and is currently at capacity. In working to reduce and eliminate hunger for these families, we’re building advocacy networks that are addressing this issue, not only in the LGBT community, but county-wide.

We strive to provide the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost. By building relationships with area restaurants, food distributors and other social service providers we’re able to offer a generous grocery selection at a cost of only $10 per week! With your help, we can continue to provide a week’s worth of groceries to those in need. Please consider making a one-time gift of $10, $40, $100, or more. Or, make a monthly pledge of $10 or more below.

For a week's worth of groceries for a client
For a month's worth of groceries for a single client
For 10 weeks' worth of groceries
For a years' worth of groceries
For a 100 weeks' worth of groceries
1 $10 donation $10
1 $40 donation $40
1 $520 donation $520
1 $1000 donation $1000

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The NestEggg Food Bank at The Center is so named in recognition of a substantial contribution from the NestEggg Group. The NestEggg Food Bank at The Center also receives support from The City of Rancho Mirage, The City of Palm Springs, FIND Food Bank, The Palm Springs Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, The Jewish Federation of the Desert, The Desert Regional Medical Center Auxiliary, Hidden Harvest, Desert Healthcare District, The Riverside County Foundation on Aging, and Supervisor John Benoit as well as individual contributions from members and local business owners.