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On Q Hot Topics

The "Multigenerational Chat Room" would be a weekly open discussion group on provocative and timely topics designed to bridge the generational divide and break through stereotypes of what it means to be older or younger.

Participation would be open to gay men, lesbians, bi and trans people of any age.

  • Each week would have a different topic and a millennial or younger speaker (an expert or just a group member) who would frame the topic with a ten minute opening, followed by structured discussion both live and online (through a podcast-like platform).
  • Online participants could listen-only, but post questions or comments that would be moderated by the facilitator.
  • Each topic would be a springboard for discussion from personal perspectives of people born in different parts of the lifespan.
  • The facilitator will be cognizant of engaging dialogue by older and younger participants and encouraging civil discourse.

The online presence is intended to appeal to younger participants who may be less familiar with static chat groups and may not be drawn to gender specific groups. Most people are familiar with online chat rooms where they can express and share opinions with an online community. However, the series will be designed to maximize the intimacy and sharing of the live chat experience, with minimal distraction by the web presence, which will have a limited number of lines and require pre-registration.


About the Instructor...

Lorenzo Taylor is a longtime community activist who has facilities LGBT community building efforts through board membership on the Washington DC, Denver and San Francisco LGBT Centers and through leadership of many organizations, including the Gay Community Circles, Discovery Community. California Men's Gathering, the National AIDS Task Force, Lambda Legal, Black and White Men Together and the San Francisco Gay Men's Community Initiative.

He retired recently from 30 years working in public health policy and programs with the federal Ryan White HIV AIDS Program and the Community Health Center Program. He has advanced degrees in International Affairs and Public Affairs, with a focus on health Social Marketing.  


Program Schedule:

  • October 5Are We Still Coming Out? (Oct. 11-Natinal Coming OUT Day) Focus: Identity. How important is your LGBT identity and how did you come out or how do you let the world know "who" you are? Do LGBTQIAA labels help or hurt your individual growth? Is the annual National Coming OUT Day still relevant?
  • October 26 What’s “Pride” Got to Do With it? Focus: What do the growing public LBTQ Pride celebrations mean to you? Is it time to change Pride celebrations or get rid of them all together?
  • November 16Who’s Your Best Bro, Bro? Focus: Community and Family. How important are biological family connections vs. those with the LGBT "family" and how do you strengthen and maintain those connections. How do you connect with straight allies and racial and ethnic communities?
  • November 23- How Woke Are You? Focus: Activism and Politics. How important is activism/politics/being woke to you and how do you get and use political news/information? What’s the best way to create social change? Who determines the “gay agenda?” Is it OK to be a-political?

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Additional Info

  • When: Saturdays (On specific dates - Please check schedule) | 2:00 to 3:30 pm
  • Where: The Center @ 1301 N Palm Canyon Dr., 3rd Floor. Palm Springs, CA
  • Cost: The Center Members: $5 | Non-Members: $10
  • Contact: For more info or to register please call The Center @ 760-416-7790. Space is limited (on-site and on-line participants)